The Mesh Tel PC app is like aphone on your computer, so you can call other Mesh Tel users for free and make super cheap internaional calls to any mobile or landline. You can even send cheap international SMS, just like from a regular phone.

PC Dialer

This service enables the clients to use a softphone dialer which facilitates them to make calls from their PC using only a headset and an internet connection.

Our PC to phone solution is unique combination of the Mesh Dialer and the simple control panel.

Outstanding benefits of Mesh Voip PC phone service

  • Easy activation
  • Online customer billing panel
  • Customised dialer for your brand
  • Customised web panel for creating and easily managing user accounts
  • Customised online billing for end users

Why is it unique ?

It is unique because of the following reasons:

  • Light weight and easy to download
  • Fast and can be installed with minimum effort
  • Work behind NATs, Firewalls and blocked ISPs
  • Stable and offers crystal clear voice quality even on low bandwidth dialup internet

System requirements

  • Intel Pentium Pc and Windows XP/2000/Windows 7/Vista operating system
  • Internet access with minimum data transmission of 64kbps
  • Headset with a microphone

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