Consulting Services

In addition to its core telecom services, Mesh provides Business Consulting, Start Up Consulting, and Software Consulting Services. Our management team consists of successful entrepreneurs, top business school MBA, and leading technologists.  We will help you build a persuasive and attractive business plan, financial projection, pitch deck, and executive summary can make your path to funding much, much shorter.


Start-Up consulting: we can assist you with identifying approach, channel assessment, and guidance for securing funding

Business Strategy Consulting: We can assist you identifying a proper strategy for your business


Our consulting approach

Our approach is to "partner" with our customers, understand customer's core business, collaborate with the key stakeholders, and then provide the best solution.

Our focus is on innovation. We would like to provide the solution that is innovative and can provide sustainable competitive advantages to customers.

Our team has deep industry expertise and technological leadership.

For Software Development our approach is to leverage available platforms and technologies to shorten the duration.