Wholesale Traffic

Mesh Telecom one of the best growing up carriers of international voice traffic. Our comprehensive product portfolio, proven IP-based infrastructure, and advanced back-office systems help Fixed Carriers, Mobile Operators, Prepaid Calling Providers and Voice over Broadband Providers deliver the international voice service and quality their customers expect.


  • Highly competitive price and quality offering
  • Dedicated Relationship, Settlements, Technical and Support teams
  • The interconnection via TDM or IP
  • We are increasing to connect PoP (Point of Presence) across Europe, USA, and Asia for Interconnection.
  • Adequate testing and monitoring by our technical teams
  • 24x7 NOC

More Features

  • Partner A sends VoIP traffic to the wholesale VoIP provider for termination
  • Mesh Telecom's Soft switch accepts the traffic and sends an authorization request to Mesh Telecom's VoIP Billing server
  • The Softswitch re-routes the traffic to Partner B, hiding traffic source information
  • Upon completing the call, the VoIP Billing server records debits the account of Partner A and records CDR record of the call
  • Mesh Telecom wholesale has the local voice service product for you whether you're focused on heavy inbound calling, or simply reliable, cost-effective local service. Mesh Telecom has the right offer for you
  • Mesh Telecom's advanced worldwide voice networking communications provides the foundation for a range of unbranded and unbundled international service offerings for telecommunications carriers - for both resale and internal use
  • Limited Voice Company is encouraged to associate with us to meet all of their wholesale voice traffic needs

We provide various services to Wholesale Carrier

a z termination

A-Z Termination

Mesh Telecom ensures excellent quality and competitive global wholesale voice termination. Our Voice product is aimed at providers whose wholesale and retail customers require stable QoS with the aggressive market-based pricing.

Mesh Telecom recently launched A-Z VoIP termination Solution, which could be really interesting for any customer. The main benefits of this solution are:

  • Tier 1 quality at wholesale price
  • 100+ directs to fixed operators and 50+ directs to mobile operators
  • Tier 1 quality at wholesale price
  • Flexible Payment System
  • Easy and fast interconnection

Base on route quality and cost we are offering different and flexible plans to our customers so that customers can choose easily their required product in the best price range.

Platinum A-Z Routing Plan

Platinum Routing delivers the best possible wholesale termination service. Our Platinum routes primarily use direct interconnects via Local Network Operators, Mobile Network Operators. Platinum routing plan provides so many features like:

  • Huge List of CLI routes.
  • We ensure that route delivers regular CLI
  • 24 X 7 Network Operations Support
  • Route stability
  • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  • Average Length of Call (ALOC)
  • Post Dialing Delay (PDD)

Silver A-Z Routing Plan

Silver Routing plan is the most competitive market rates. All routes terminate via stable, high-quality providers. Silver routing plan provides so many features like:

  • No noise and mid-call disconnect
  • Route stability
  • 24x7 Network operations support
  • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  • Average Length of Call (ALOC)
  • Post Dialing Delay (PDD)

Standard A-Z Routing Plan

Standard Routing Plan based on Standard (No CLI) product with the focus on price competitiveness. For long and short-term opportunities Mesh Telecom is able to offer lower rates than normally available in the market.