Calling Card Solution

Our fully managed, private-label prepaid calling card is an end-to-end, turnkey solution that includes access via toll-free or local number services, a full spectrum of calling card features and high-quality traffic termination worldwide. Let us act as your single provider for all operational aspects of your calling card services, or choose a customized solution that includes only the features you need.

The solution supports PIN, ANI/ CLI, IVR authentication for call connection make it very reliable and secure. Further, the features such as detailed CDR, multi-lingual IVR support, voucher recharge, secure payment gateways, DID management, etc., adds for a positive and consistent user experience. Altogether, this calling card solution opens up a lucrative business channel for VoIP providers.

Few highlighted features that are made available to end users under Calling Card and Call Back Solution are listed below:


PIN and PIN less Calling Card Option

Offer competitive VoIP services to customers through PIN and PIN less calling card options available on this solution.


Multi-lingual IVR Support

Offer IVR support to customers in major regional languages for effective collaboration and intense user engagement.


Multiple Payment and Sign up Methods

The solution ensures secured payment gateways via Paypal and further supports multiple sign up methods to invite more customers.


Make Informed Decisions with Accurate Billing & Performance Reporting

Get accurate billing and view intelligent performance reporting that will help you make informed decisions and increase your returns.



Key Benefits  

* Sell prepaid phone card with your own brand name 
* Set your own rates 
* Low VoIP rates & high commission
* Freedom from upfront capital expenditures
* Support on the back-end (with retail rate management to streamline administration)
* Greater customer satisfaction with choice of traditional prepaid phone cards.
* Smooth and streamlined service management
* Powerful information tools for customer care agents
* Flexible rate matrix and billing features
* Choice of language and greeting messages
* Online account access, so you can view call details, order history, update account information, online recharge & much moreā€¦


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