VOS3000 Solution & VOS3000 VoIP Operation Platform.

Currently VOS3000 is the most popular softswitch for wholesale carrier.VOS3000 is specially designed for Wholesale. In addition to providing Account Management, ExchangeRate Management, Rate Management, Package Management, Cards Management, Gateway Management, Phone Management, Softswitch Management, IVR Management, System Management, User Management, Data Query and Web Self-Service System, the system also integrates add-on modules like the Global Card Business System (support 10 million cards) and Extreme Media Proxy, for you to build a stable , reliable and High-Performance operating system. VOS3000 softswitch supports SIP/H323/SIP-H323, with capacity up to 10,000 concurrent calls.After rigorous testing, the VOS3000 softswitch proves to be a stable and reliable high-performance carrier-class system.


We are offering all version of VOS3000

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System Performance

Single server: 5,000 simultaneous calls
Media forwarding capability: >=4,000 simultaneous calls
Call per second: 2000CPS (7,200,000 BHCA)
Protocol: SIP,H323,HTTP,UDP


System Features

Add Option "Display" for Phone's Display Caller ID Add Option "Display"(H323/SIP) for Routing Gateway's Display
Caller ID Add Private Rate for Account
Add Private Rate for Phone Add Floating Icon to show Current Performance
Add Monthly Max/Min/Spending for Phone Add Make Zero Method for Account Payment
Package support any number of Days/Months/Years Add Short E164 Display for Phone
Phonecard support Decimal Value Add Sold/Overdraft Property for Phonecard
Phonecard support Add/Import Web support Period Report
Phonecard support Short E164 IVR support Inband DTMF
Add Template/Schedule Service for IP PBX Add Remaining Duration Prompt for Terminal Value
Added Service Add End Reason Prompt for Terminal Value Added Service
Add Account to Regions Query and Report Add Gateway to Regions ASR Analysis
Add Mapping Gateway/Routing Gateway to Regions ASR Analysis Add Current Call RTP Information and RTP Traffic Monitoring
Add Traffic and Concurrency Chart Add Polyphonic Ringtone for Value Added Service
Optimize System Performance Display Add Access Number Analysis
Add Call Forwarding Rate Settings Support Forbidden Phone Receive Calls when Account Arrears
Support Routing Gateway Domain Name Management Add Period Control for Phone
Add Forwarding Number Alerting Time Control SIP Routing Gateway support Domain Name Register
Support RTP Interrupt Detection Add Default Polyphonic Ringtone for Terminal
Support Web Callback Enhance IVR Service Export  



  • Carrier-class VoIP operators
  • VoIP voice network construction and value-added business applications for Large Enterprise customers
  • Millions of global cards business system
  • Call Center,IP Enterprise PBX and other value-added services platform 
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